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Micael Savoie is a young photographer impassioned by the aesthetics of the world around him. Through the lens of his camera, he perceives simple beauty but of an absolute elegance which shapes the whole of his works. His natural talent for framing and his exceptional control of lighting, enable him to redefine the meaning of elegance. At first glance, his works speaks to the soul allowing the often forgotten voices deep within to speak aloud.

The imagery of the solitary tree, weeping in the middle of the barren winter landscape or the scintillating water drop meandering silently on a flowers pink petals, are for the artist a pure revelation. His works express why simplicity deserves such attention. In the natural landscape, the calm reigns. If the works of the photographer could speak, they would speak, silence...

Through his creations you hear the artist’s voice, and through his art echoes of his method can be heard. In every photograph you recognize his traits. Down to earth, jovial, and through his work you are exposed to “simplicity and elegance”.

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